Valet with Black Diamond

Black Diamond Bespoke Valet and Detailing provide car valet services in Stranraer. At Black Diamond you will receive a high-quality car washing & full valet service in Stranraer from our specialists who are well trained, polite and friendly. We provide specialist washing and valeting services for all types of vehicles from prestige cars, high performance cars and vans, to commercial vehicles and motor bikes


Our full valet services are used by many clients, big and small companies and individuals. We use specialist equipment and products to get the best shine on your vehicle.


We are not your everyday car cleaners, we provide specialist services and use the correct tools and professional equipment to give you the best possible wash and customer satisfaction. Our full valet services are quick, efficient and affordable, please feel free to browse our gallery page to see what we can achieve.





Pre-Hot Rinse


Hot Rinse

Wheels Cleaned


As Express Wash, plus

Towel Dry

Spray Wax

Interior Hoover (Excluding Boot)

Glass Cleaned

Dash Wiped and Spray Air Freshener


As Express Extra Wash, Plus

Snofoam Soak

Boot Hoovered

Hanging Air Freshener

All Plastics Cleaned

Wheel Treatment




As Bronze Valet, Plus

Hand Polish or Wax


As Silver Valet, Plus

Interior Shampoo


Paint Treatment


As Gold Valet, Plus

Hand Applied Brazilian Carnauba




CERAMIC COATING – Highly reactive long-term protection.


1k Nano

Conventional waxes and polishes are only placed on the paint surface and are removed again quickly by washing the vehicle and environmental influence (differences in temperature, rainfall, sun, dust particles and wind). Highly reactive means that the 1K-Nano paint sealant conjoins permanently with the paint structure on account of covalent bondings and forms a fixed network. It is thus extremely resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical abrasion. In this way your vehicle is protected for a long period of time, is easy to clean and shines as it did on the first day.


The company who create this product have been a supplier and partner of the premium automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi or BMW and of numerous vehicle finishers for over 40 years. In the process, the perfect finish of the paint is among the most enthralling subjects, also for us as developer and producer. Up until now it had indeed been possible to create a high gloss level with usual conventional polishes and waxes. However, the durability of these products was limited to a few days. With 1K-Nano we have been successful in developing a product that features an extremely high gloss and smoothness level, that also conjoins firmly with the paint structure for a long period of time and that is resistant to chemicals and abrasion.


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Machine polishing is an effective way of removing swirl marks and fine scratches from paintwork to restore the cars former glory.Hand car washes, automatic car washes, dirty sponges and chamois leathers are the main causes of these defects to paintwork. These are the main causes of swirls and fine scratches on the paintwork of cars and SUV’s


  • Vehicle is snow foamed & left to dwell for 10 minutes
  • Whilst dwelling all badges gaps & crevices attended to
  • Vehicle Re rinsed
  • wheels & wheel arches cleaned
  • Clay bar paintwork to remove contaminants
  • Vehicle dried with plush microfibre towels
  • Mask up car with high quality, low adhesive tape to protect plastics and vinyl
  • Machine polish car using a two stage polishing procedure
  • Re-wash vehicle
  • Deep cleanse body work to remove any excess compound or oils thus enabling the finishing waxes to bind with the paint
  • Apply a layer of swissvax onyx contains yellow Brazilian carnauba wax (30% by volume) to produce a brilliant, streak free shine. Provides protection (especially for darker colours) from scratches caused by dust and washing.
  • Wheels/rubbers and plastics cleaned and dressed, windows polished

Machine Polish